Summary of the Meta-Profession Concept

The Meta-Profession project derives from a conceptualization of the professoriate as practicing a 'meta' profession. That is, a college professor must perform a variety of roles, at a professional level, that often require expertise and skills in areas that may extend beyond the faculty member's specific area of scholarly expertise.  We refer to the professor’s “academic area” (the area in which the professor has advanced degrees) as the "Base Profession". Thus, the skill sets required by faculty to perform in these roles are divided into two general categories: Base Profession Skills and the additional Meta-Profession Skills. These skill sets are delineated in a series of matrices which show the interaction between a specific role (e.g., teaching, scholarly/creative activities, service, or administration) and the skills required by the work involved in carrying out that role. These matrices may be accessed via the links in the Exploring the Meta-Profession Model page.