Related Papers of Interest


Valid Faculty Evaluation Data: Are there any? Symposium presented at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the AERA. To download the entire series of papers presented at this symposium including those by (Raoul A. Arreola and Michael Theall) click on the title above.


Crossing over to the Dark Side: Translating Research in Faculty Evaluation into Academic Policy and Practice Keynote address by Raoul A. Arreola when presented with McKeachie Career Achievement Award by the Special Interest Group on Faculty Evaluation and Development of the American Educational Research Association at its 2005 meeting in Montreal. This address further explores the application of the metaprofessional model as an academic adminstrative tool in promoting and evaluating professional growth and performance.


The Monster at the Foot of the Bed: Surviving the Challenge of Market Place Forces on Higher Education (2005, in To Improve the Academy, Vol 24, pp 15-28) - explores the effect on higher education of the paradigm shift caused by the impact of technology on society. Portions of this article provide specific applications of the meta-profession model in addressing the changes the Academy may wish to make in response to the paradigm shift.