Meta-Profession Project

The Meta-Profession concept was first introduced by Raoul A. Arreola in an interview published in The Department Chair in the fall of 2000.   View Online    PDF download

The Meta-Profession Project is intended to promote a better understanding of the full complexity and variety of higher education faculty work. Such an understanding can contribute to the development of comprehensive faculty evaluation systems, the design of professional growth and development programs, and the establishment of academic policies and procedures that more fully support faculty in the full range of their diverse professional duties and responsibilities. Additionally, the Meta-Profession project aims to provide an over-arching model for both promoting research on faculty work and providing a convenient rubric for categorizing extant research in the field. 

This work has been recognized by the American Educational Research Association which awarded its authors the Relating Research to Practice Interpretive Scholarship Award in 2005.

1)   SUMMARY: A summary description of the meta-profession concept.

2)   CHRONOLOGY: A chronology the development and use of the meta-profession model in terms of papers and presentations that may be downloaded. This section also includes additional papers on related topics of interest by the project authors.

3)   MATRICES: An entry to the various matrices that define the model. These matrices are interactive and may be explored in a variety of ways.  

4)  RELATED PAPERS: Papers and articles related to the issues deriving from the Meta-Professional model.

After you have explored the Meta-Professional Model we would appreciate your comments or suggestions as to how the model may be enhanced or made more useful.  Please email your suggestions to